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Welcome to SSB&T Wealth Management, we are a registered investment advisor dedicated to providing clarity and purpose in the investment management process. As a subsidiary of Security State Bank & Trust (SSB&T), a trusted community bank serving the Texas Hill Country for over 80 years, we offer wealth management services that seamlessly complement our comprehensive range of financial solutions. With 18 branch locations spanning from Kerrville to Fort Worth, we strive to meet the diverse needs of small businesses and families within our local markets.

At SSB&T Wealth Management, we understand that managing your wealth requires a holistic approach. Our goal is to ensure that all your financial needs are cared for under the umbrella and in relationship with Security State Bank & Trust. As a separate entity owned by SSB&T, we bring together the expertise of experienced professionals and the stability of a longstanding community bank to provide you with unparalleled financial guidance.

About US
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Our team’s primary objective is to help you reach your financial goals through a custom-tailored plan. We strongly uphold our core values of organization, accountability, objectivity, proactivity, education, and partnership in everything we do for our clients. We also firmly believe in transparency, which is why we have structured our fee system to ensure that our clients know exactly how much they will pay for our investment services. Ultimately, we have one source of revenue: the invoice that our clients pay. By removing any hidden fees or conflicts of interest, we align our interests with yours, fostering a relationship built on trust and shared objectives.

When you choose SSB&T Wealth Management, you can expect a disciplined and strategic approach to investment management and financial planning. Our process begins with goal setting and purpose setting, understanding your unique aspirations and financial situation. We then leverage our extensive knowledge and evidence-based practices to craft a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Process
Empowering you to make informed decisions.

Step 1: Goal Setting & Investment Theory

We begin by understanding your financial objectives and long-term aspirations. Through in-depth discussions, we help you articulate your goals, whether it's planning for retirement, funding your children's education, or building a legacy. By aligning your investments with your objectives, we create a solid foundation for your financial plan.

Step 2: Long-Term Cash Flow Planning & College Planning

Building on the goals identified, we develop a long-term cash flow plan that takes into account your income, expenses, and savings. This comprehensive analysis enables us to project your financial future and make informed decisions about investment strategies. Additionally, if college planning is a priority for your children or grandchildren, we work with you to develop a strategy to fund your children's education while balancing your other financial goals.

Step 3: Investment Policy Statement & Recommendations

Based on your goals and risk profile, we develop an investment policy statement that outlines the parameters for your portfolio. Our experienced team then conducts thorough research and analysis to identify suitable investment opportunities that align with your objectives. We provide clear and actionable recommendations designed to optimize your portfolio's performance while managing risk.

Step 4: Tax Planning & Insurance

As part of our holistic approach, we integrate tax planning strategies into your financial plan. Our team of experts works closely with you to identify potential tax-saving opportunities and develop strategies to minimize your tax liability. We also assess your insurance needs and recommend appropriate coverage to protect your assets and loved ones.

Step 5: Estate Plan Development

Planning for the future includes ensuring that your wealth is preserved and transferred according to your wishes. Our team collaborates with estate planning professionals to develop a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your goals and values. We assist in structuring your assets, establishing trusts, and minimizing estate taxes, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your legacy is secure.

Step 6: Monitor & Review

We believe in the importance of ongoing monitoring and review to ensure your financial plan remains on track. Our team regularly reviews your portfolio's performance, providing detailed investment reports that outline progress towards your goals. We schedule periodic meetings to discuss any necessary adjustments, address any changes in your circumstances, and make informed decisions to keep your plan aligned with your evolving needs.

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Whether you're a small business owner, an individual investor, or someone planning for retirement, our experienced team is here to provide the clarity and purpose you need. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the financial landscape and develop a customized plan that aligns with your aspirations. Take the next step towards securing your financial future by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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